Tajikistan marital life traditions are famous for their traditional festivities. These types of events are often held in the bride’s home and last for 3 days. The marriage ceremony itself is a great holiday to get the whole commune.


The ceremony contains prayers and a party. The bride and groom are given o water and a pastry. Guests also offer clothes, jewelry and lamb. It is assumed that a grand marriage provides happiness.

Usually, girls get married to young. Nevertheless this is at this time rare. Rather, the couple often have a home in the groom’s house for a few years. They must balance their do the job and their matrimony.

A marriage https://ketubahazoulayart.com/jewish-wedding-symbols/ is put in place by the father and mother of the few. Before the wedding, they will visit each other peoples homes and get to know each other. Some couples even keep with each other relationship with korean woman peoples https://asianbrides.org/tajikistan-women relatives for a while. That is called domanchok.

When needed of the marriage ceremony, the groom rides on a strong horses to pick up the bride. She’s dressed in a traditional dress. Before, there were not any bride prices.

For the first three days, the bride addresses her encounter. However , the girl with allowed to demonstrate to her face with her parents. Afterward, she leaves her parents’ home.

There is a two-day party, where the bride and groom are medicated. During this time, they will receive presents from their groups. Next, girls with children are fed.

Within the third time, the young man visits the bride’s property. He tells the bride’s name and is introduced to her parents.

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